To do a weekly review in Things, quickly scan through the !This Week, !Next Week, !This Month categories:

  1. First, make sure all tasks have soft dates in the Next: All list. (Check the number of items at the bottom; check the Next: None list.)
  2. Scan for any tasks in the !This Week, !Next Week, !This Month categories that are neglected or out-of-place.
    • Ignore tasks with hard dates. You will be notified about them at the right time.
    • Adjust soft dates as needed (e.g., if it was “Next Week” and it should now be “This Week”).
    • If a task is getting “hot” and needs more attention, reprocess it with a hard date.
  3. Make sure there are no active projects without next steps.

Special Instructions for Large Projects

If you have special large projects (without orphan protection) add these steps to your weekly review. (This is rare.)

  • Look at each project in your projects list.
  • Make sure each project has a live, scheduled next action.
  • If not, add one now.