Here are the steps for your mobile weekly review:

  1. Select your Weekly Review list.
  2. Scan the list quickly, looking for neglected or out-of-place tasks:
    • Ignore tasks with Reminders set (hard dates) if they appear in your list. You will be notified about them at the right time. (An ideal mobile weekly review list hides these tasks.)
    • If a task is getting “hot” and needs more attention, give it a hard date with an appropriate soft date. This is the main purpose of your weekly review.
    • If a task is already done, re-process or mark it as completed.
    • If a task is no longer important, set Someday/Maybe flag or delete it.
  3. If you have special large projects (no orphan protection):
    • Make sure all active large projects have live next steps.
  4. Glance over your calendar for the upcoming week. Just get a quick idea of what is coming up.