In your paper planner, where you write something and how you write it determines smart dates and other TRO features:

  • Hard date is the date at the top of a dated planner page.
  • Soft date is the distance from the top of the context page at the back of the planner (tasks with nearer soft dates are written closer to the top of that page).
  • Someday/Maybe tasks are written at the bottom of a context page at the back of the planner.
  • Asterisks or stars next to daily tasks indicate the most crucial ones that day.
  • Your daily Notes pages are your Unprocessed Tasks list (any items with unchecked checkboxes [ ] next to them, anywhere in the Notes area, are unprocessed).
  • Deadline dates are entered (in parentheses) after the project name or next step.
  • Contexts are designated by writing the task behind that tab in the back of the planner (for soft dates), AND by abbreviating the context to the left of the task name (for hard dates).