In Donedesk, use the following fields and methods for TRO features:

Soft Date, Hard Date, and Tags

  • Soft date, hard date, and deadline are used the same in Donedesk and TRO.
  • A hard date of today indicates Do Today.
  • A soft date of Someday means Someday/Maybe.
  • Workspaces are used for major contexts (life areas). You will always assign one of these, and maybe more if a tasks applies to more than one life area.
  • Tags are used for meeting contexts, 1-1 contexts, and action contexts. You should use as many tags as are applicable to the task.
  • Simple projects and next steps (less than 10 steps, only one person) are handled in-line, in the format “Project – Next Step”. Future steps are recorded in the Notes.
  • Project Workspaces are used for more complicated projects. Future steps are separate tasks in the workspace(s).
  • Email reminders are optional. We recommend a once-daily email or processing your Alerts daily.