In MS Planner, use the following methods to handle TRO features:

  • Assign a soft date by moving the task to column This Week, Next Week, This Month, or Next Month.
  • Due Date is the hard date.

To assign a hard date:

  1. Click task.
  2. Click Due Date (pop-up).

  1. Click a date (pop-up).

  • Today column is the Do Today list.
  • Someday column is the Someday/Maybe list.
  • Deadline dates are entered in the card title (in parentheses) after the project name or next step.
  • Plan is the major context (life area).
  • Minor contexts (+meeting context name, 1 1-1 context name, and #action context name) are added in the title field (after the current next step and at the very end).
  • Labels are used for really big projects (to see all tasks associated to that project in an instant).
  • Projects and next steps are entered in the task title:
        Project Name – Next step.
  • Checklist is used for future next steps.

To create a checklist:

  1. Click task.
  2. One at a time, input next steps in the Add an item field, then press Enter (pop-up).

To arrange next steps:

  • Order next steps by dragging each item up or down.

  • In each column, order today’s tasks by dragging tasks (up or down, next ones or most important at the top).