They Are NOT Overdue

In TRO, the Outlook Due Date serves a special purpose. It’s the soft date. If the date passes, the task is NOT overdue, you do NOT adjust the date, and you will NOT lose control of the task. Trust us on this! Powerful, short, daily reviews and weekly reviews will keep you on track.

In Trog Bar with your mobile device, TRO features are handled as follows:

  • High Priority means Do This Today.
  • Do On Date is the hard date.
  • The Reminder Alarm should always be turned on (glowing) when setting or changing a Do On Date. This lets Trog support your mobile device properly.
  • Loose Goal is the soft date.
  • Low Priority means Someday/Maybe.
  • Deadline dates are entered in the subject line (in parentheses) after the project name or next step.
  • Categories are used for all types of contexts.
  • Projects and next steps are entered in the task Subject:
        Project Name – Next step.
  • Future next steps are entered in the Notes.