Edit All You Want

Edit the task in Trog Bar all you want. The original email is not changed.

Saving deferred emails is automatic in Outlook with Trog Bar Email Relief. Just drag and drop the task email into the [Action] folder. It moves to the [Action] folder and appears in the Unprocessed Tasks list automatically.

To fully process a “hot” email on the spot (instead of skimming the Unprocessed Tasks list afterwards), just drag it to the edge of your screen, let Trog Bar slide out, and drop the email anywhere in Trog Bar. The task editing window pops out for immediate processing.

Email Tasks in Trog Bar

Tasks with emails attached are easy to spot in Trog Bar. Look for To: and From: above the task window when it pops out.

To see or Reply to the original email, open the task in Trog Bar and click the Open button. The original email opens in Outlook, ready for you to reply.