There are a few ways to store processed emails that pertain to tasks. The best method depends on the capabilities of your email tool. After you choose your approach and set it up, save deferred emails as follows:

  • If you have an [Action] folder. Move the email to the [Action] folder (or label it if a label). The email stays in that folder, where you will see it (as a task) in your task lists and reply to it. It will not be lost.
  • If you have a [Deferred] folder. Move the email to the [Deferred] folder IF it is needed to complete the task. This is similar to the Deferred tray for papers on your desk. Look it up by date, title, or search when you need it. Clean the folder out as needed.
  • Otherwise, your email client makes it easy to find old emails, so save them or archive them anywhere. Don’t worry about keeping deferred emails separate. Retrieve them later with a quick search (or by following the link, if linked). In this case, Priacta recommends:
    • Store all old emails in one place (Deleted Items, Archive, or a Miscellaneous folder), OR
    • Store certain emails in named folders if you need to see them together (individual clients, companies, projects), and store all other emails in a Miscellaneous folder or equivalent.