Zooming Categories

In Outlook, click the [+] next to a category to see all tasks in that category. To hide all tasks underneath all categories, right click any category bar and choose Collapse All.

When you don’t have something scheduled in your calendar, work from your task lists. Your new Outlook views will sort tasks based on whether they should be done today (Priority) and their soft date (Due Date). This gives you an excellent list of tasks pretty close to their true order of importance.

You should only be setting the Reminder (hard date) for tasks/steps that must be done by a specific day or bad things might happen. All of your processed tasks will have a Due Date (soft date) or Someday/Maybe.

“My List is Sorted or Grouped Wrong”

If you ever click a column title in your task list, the sort order will change from the recommended TRO sort order and stay that way. Your tasks will appear out of order or ungrouped, and you’ll lose your sense of control. To fix this, see the setup instructions for that particular list.