Use TaskSense Instead

TaskSense sorts and filters tasks by meetings, your strategic calendar, and smart dates, so they should already appear in the right order at the right time.

When you don’t have something scheduled in your calendar, work from Trog’s task list. Trog sorts your tasks based on the factors that make tasks meaningful, including your strategic calendar and smart dates, so they should already appear in order of importance.

As your day moves between scheduled meetings or scheduled blocks of time, Trog’s TaskSense view will change what appears on your list to match the time. You can also focus your list specifically on a block of time or type of task. Right-click a block of time or appointment in Trog, then select Show Related Tasks. Also, click the large Task Selection button above your tasks list, hover over Categories, and select a specific category. Trog displays only the tasks related to that time block or category, in auto-prioritized order.

Only set the Do On Date (hard date) for tasks/steps that must be done by a specific day or bad things might happen. All of your processed tasks will have a Loose Goal (soft date) or Someday/Maybe.