To be useful for TRO, your calendar/planner needs suitable full-day views:

  • Vertical format. Don’t settle for a blank box. It’s invaluable to see each day laid out visually, from top to bottom. It helps you budget and organize your day better.
  • See your whole day. If your calendar only shows 8-5, how are you going to schedule after-work appointments? At very least, the calendar should have blank space for you to write appointment times in the early morning and evening.
  • 30 minute time-slots. You need to have enough room to schedule your appointments. Many planner calendars have one line for one hour. That won’t work unless your appointments are usually an hour long (like classes for students).
  • All days treated equally. You need to keep track of appointments even when you are not at work, since you are trying to organize your whole life. Some large planners combine all the daily columns onto one two-page, full week format, which is nice if it meets the other requirements.
  • No separate 7-day week view. This is a second calendar, which will always cause you trouble. Instead, quickly flip through the daily pages to scan your week, or get the 2-page, full week view with full daily columns.