Sort by Date or Priority?

The built-in Windows Mobile task list can sort tasks by Due Date, or Priority, but not both. Select Due Date to see a “May Do” list in soft date order. Sort by Priority to see your Do Today tasks at the top, unprioritized, with all your Someday/Maybe tasks at the bottom.

Daily Review Required

Your Do Today tasks only appear here after you do your daily review.

Built-in Outlook Mobile Task Manager

To see your Do Today list (High Priority) on your Windows Mobile device:

  1. Filter completed tasks from your lists, and do not filter by Category. You already did this when you set up this list. (Only required once unless you change the filter.)
  2. Set the sort order for your Do Today list.
    1. Open Tasks.
    2. Select Menu.
    3. Select Sort By.
    4. Select Priority.
    5. Press or tap OK to save.

Agenda Fusion 8

In Agenda Fusion 8, tap the exclamation point (!) icon at the bottom to filter by Priority, then tap High to see your Do Today list.