You might want to create a master list of contexts. These are the contexts you regularly choose from when you process tasks. You are not limited to this list, but a master list ensures that contexts will always be available to choose from, even if they are not used elsewhere.

Adding Tags

Type in one tag and press Enter. Type in the next tag. Each tag should be on its own line.

You can either write these on paper and post them in your work area or you can enter them into Donedesk.

To create a simple master contexts list as a starting point:

  • Create a new task and open it. (You can click Add Task at the upper-right corner of any task list.)
  • Name the task [Master Contexts List], and give it a soft date of Someday to keep it hidden.
  • Assign tags for each unshared context you want Donedesk to remember: !Work, !Family, +SalesMtg, 1Cathy, 1Jim, Calls, etc. For each tag, type in the name and press Enter. Each tag should be in its own green box with an X next to it (see picture).
  • Assign workspaces for each shared context (or potentially sharable) you want Donedesk to remember: +SalesMtg, 1Cathy, 1Midge, Errands, etc.
  • Add it to a workspace called Templates.
  • Save and close.

Tags and workspaces are defined when you actually enter them in any Tags or Workspaces field. A cloud of all tags or workspaces currently in use will appear as you type.