Nozbe’s master context list shows an organized list of all user defined contexts (used or unused).

There are two ways to add contexts to this list.

  • Add a context before assigning it to a task:
    • Click (left pane).
    • Click (left pane, bottom).
    • Populate (left pane) with new context name
    • Press Enter


  • Add and assign a new context directly to a task:
    • Click the task.
    • Click or button with previously assigned context name/s.
    • Click (bottom).
    • Populate the field provided with the new context name.
    • Press Enter.
    • Click other context name/s that you want to add from the list provided.
    • Click .

category? button with no context assigned

category? button with previously assigned contexts

To Arrange contexts in the master list:

  • Click or (left pane).
  • Click (bottom).
  • Click and hold opposite the context name, then drag up or down.
  • When done arranging, click .