If you have not already done so, take time now to create a master list of contexts. Make sure you color-code the contexts (especially the major contexts) as you define them. These are the contexts you choose from when you process your tasks.

Access Your Master Context List:

  • Open Outlook in the task list view:
    • Click (bottom navigation pane).
  • Create a new dummy task.
  • Double click the task.
  • Click Categorize (top menu).
  • Click All Categories.
  • Delete all categories you aren’t currently using as contexts (but leave categories you need for your Outlook Contacts, if any).
  • Click New (pop up).
  • Populate Name field with the context name, then click OK.
  • Assign a color to the context (especially if it is a major context). This will help you to visualize the separate areas of your life when you look at your strategic calendar.
  • Add TRO contexts, including all of the following:
    • Major contexts.
    • Meeting contexts
    • 1-1 contexts.
    • Action contexts.