Match Your Desktop Solution

Use mobile options that match your desktop TRO approach. You will sync your tasks, so you must use the same fields and methods in both places.

This view should only show Someday/Maybe tasks.

Mobile task managers support different methods for the Someday/Maybe view. Typical options include:

  • A Low Priority or Special Priority view if that is your Someday/Maybe flag. Other priorities are naturally excluded from the view. You may need to set filter so other views do not show Someday/Maybe tasks. Alternatively, just let Low Priority tasks sort to the bottom, where you ignore them.
  • A predefined Soft Date view for the loose date that means Someday/Maybe, if that is your method.
  • A predefined view for the tag, category, folder, or named list you assigned to Someday/Maybe. The app shows you just those tasks. Other tags or categories naturally exclude the Someday/Maybe tasks this way.
  • A custom view, smart search, or smart list with a fancy filter that shows you only the active Someday/Maybe tasks. (Rare, and often difficult on a handheld.) You will probably need custom views for your other lists. When setting them up, exclude all Someday/Maybe tasks (but see the exceptions above).