Task lists support different methods for the Weekly Review list. Typical options include:

  • A predefined Weekly Review list if the task list is TRO-compatible.
  • A predefined Soft Date view that also shows whether the task has a hard date. Ignore tasks with hard dates during your weekly review (they cannot slip by, the hard date will remind you).
  • A custom view, smart search, or smart list with a fancy filter that shows you only the tasks that meet the criteria below. This is a common solution.

Criteria for Weekly Review Tasks

Ideally, this list should only show tasks that meet these criteria:

  • Active (not yet completed)
  • Processed
  • No hard date
  • Not Someday/Maybe
  • Not a template

It’s nice if you can also exclude tasks that you modified in the past 5 days. Presumably, you saw the task recently and would have added a hard date then if it was needed. This makes your weekly review even shorter.

The list should be sorted with the most-neglected tasks at the top (soft date, ascending). This ensures that you see the most likely trouble spots right away.