Add-On Recommended

The native task list for non-Windows Mobile Palm handhelds is seriously limited. Consider a new phone, or maybe add-on software. See Choosing Your Smartphone for more information.

If You Are Using Add-On Software

If you are using add-on software for your Palm, try to create a custom Weekly Review list and use it each time you do a mobile weekly review.

If You Are Using the Built-In Task List

If you are using the built-in Palm Task list, or if you can’t save a custom view, you’ll need to select the Weekly Review list each time:

  • Tasks by Priority (usually the All option at top right).
  • Ignore all Priority 1 tasks (Do Today), and ignore all lowest Priority tasks (Someday/Maybe).

Your Weekly Review list should be sorted by Priority (1 at the top), then by Due Date (soft date) if possible.