Choose a Mobile Do Today Method

Match Your Desktop Solution

Use mobile options that match your desktop TRO approach. You will sync your tasks, so you must use the same fields and methods in both places.

Mobile task lists support different methods for the Weekly Review list. Typical options include:

  • A predefined Weekly Review list if the app is TRO-compatible.
  • A predefined soft date view that also shows whether the task has a hard date. Ignore tasks with hard dates during your weekly review (they cannot slip by, the hard date will remind you). Ignore Someday/Maybe tasks too.
  • A custom view, smart search, or smart list with a fancy filter that shows you only the tasks that meet the criteria below. This is a common solution for desktop software. (Caution: This is rare and often difficult on a handheld.)

Criteria for Weekly Review Tasks

Ideally, this list should only show tasks that meet these criteria:

  • Active (not yet completed)
  • Processed
  • No hard date
  • Not Someday/Maybe
  • Not a template

It’s nice if you can also exclude tasks that you modified in the past 5 days. Presumably, you saw the task recently and would have added a hard date then if it was needed. This makes your weekly review even shorter.

The list should be sorted with the most-neglected tasks at the top (soft date, ascending). This ensures that you see the most likely trouble spots right away.