Overview of Your Task Manager

Microsoft Outlook is the de facto standard in the corporate world for accessing email, but few people know how to use it to increase their productivity. This training will quickly teach you to use Outlook as a powerful and highly-effective time management...

Project Templates

Templates are an optional feature of TRO. Most people do not use templates, but they are a huge timesaver if you have critical projects that you repeat over and over. For example: signing up new clients, sales processes, training steps for new employees, applying for...

Project Templates

Creating Templates Here are the steps for making and using templates: In the Someday column, create the Template. Create a task with a good name, followed by the first step: New Prospect / Record info in contacts list Next Steps. Enter the full list of next steps as a...

Flag Tasks as Templates

In MS Planner, move task/project to the Someday column (10th from the left), then assign a context called (TEMPLATE) to a task/project.

Your Templates List

Copy Them First Remember to copy Templates to the Someday column (leftmost) before using them. Otherwise, you won’t have one the next time you need it. In MS Planner, the Someday column/bucket (10th from the left) is also your Templates List.