Set Up the Unprocessed Tasks List

Unprocessed Tasks List in Nozbe is automatic. All tasks with no contexts are automatically shown when Actions without contexts tab is clicked.

Your Unprocessed Tasks List (Mobile)

Match Your Desktop Solution Use mobile options that match your desktop TRO approach. You will sync your tasks, so you must use the same fields and methods in both places. Mobile task managers have varying methods for supporting Unprocessed Tasks lists. However, the...

Ordering Your Mobile Do Today List

Re-Order Tasks Click Edit Click the Up or Down arrow Ordering tasks in Click Edit (top-right). Click Up or Down arrow to move the task upwards or downwards. Click Save (top-right).

Your Unprocessed Tasks List (Mobile)

A list of unprocessed tasks. In Nozbe, this is the Actions Without Contexts list. (Not available in Collect tasks by tapping the button.

Set up the Someday/Maybe List (Mobile)

Choose a Someday/Maybe view method and make sure it is easy to access, without defining search terms each time. If you need to define and save a custom view, do it now and name it “S/M” or “Someday/Maybe”.