Overview of Your Task Manager

Microsoft Outlook is the de facto standard in the corporate world for accessing email, but few people know how to use it to increase their productivity. This training will quickly teach you to use Outlook as a powerful and highly-effective time management...

Create a [Process Later] Folder for Email

In extreme workflow situations, the [Process Later] folder can clear the email processing bottleneck and reduce your stress. it works by giving you an easy outlet for emails that you might want to do but which don’t have a hard date. Use only as directed!

Sync Your Mobile Device

You’ll need a TRO-compatible webOS app on your webOS device with compatible syncing software. We currently recommend PocketMirror (syncing software, WiFi desktop sync only) with PocketMirror Tasks (included free): www.chapura.com.

Sync Your Mobile Device

If your company already has Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) set up, that will work well. BES is a very reliable synchronization platform. If you don’t already have BES, you can get it via hosted Exchange Server with Direct Push technology and BES. This will...

Sync Your Mobile Device

To sync Outlook or Entourage tasks on an Android, you’ll need a third-party app. Currently, Priacta recommends NitroDesk Touchdown (www.nitrodesk.com). This requires Exchange Server, which we highly recommend (it is not expensive). If you don’t want...