Your Recent Tasks List

This view is a great place to search for lost tasks. It should show ALL of your tasks, including completed and deleted ones, with recently-edited ones on top. If you change a task and it disappears from your list, look or search for it here. This view is invaluable,...

Your Recent Tasks List

Task lists support different methods for the Recent Tasks view. Typical options include: A predefined Recent Tasks list. This is the best option. An All Tasks view that you can sort by Creation Date or Modified Date. If your task manager doesn’t support a Recent...

Custom Views

If your task manager lets you create custom views into your task list, you should learn how to do that now. This is a valuable feature that may come in handy.

Set up the Recent Tasks List

Choose a Recent Tasks list method and make sure it is easy to access, with a single click, without defining search terms each time. If you need to define and save a custom view, do it now and name it “Recent Tasks”.