Mark Tasks as Completed

In Wrike, mark a task complete: Hover mouse on task. Click (left of task title). Click (right pane). Completed tasks are automatically flagged by Wrike and removed from the active list.

Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks which will take 30 minutes or more can simply be created as a recurring appointment in your calendar. Otherwise, you can make the task repeat in Wrike: Create or click a task. Click , then Make recurrent. Set parameters in the pop-up box. Click...

Removing Tasks from Unprocessed List

In Wrike, tasks automatically leave the unprocessed list as soon as they are processed. Your unprocessed list is the list of all actions without a context. Because you have to assign a soft date and a major context to every task, they will leave the list when...

About Notes

In Wrike, add a description for a task: Click a task. Click , or an existing task description. Populate the field provided. Wrike auto-saves changes made as soon as you finished typing.

Task Reminders

In Wrike, use the hard date like a reminder for must-do tasks, because you will see those tasks in your daily review.