How to Find 600 Extra Hours Per Year


“Another Two Yards”

In the great movie Chariots of Fire, sprinter Harold Abrahams was devastated after losing a 100-yard dash. Professional coach Sam Mussabini watched the race closely, and afterwards said: “I can find you another two yards.” Abrahams trusts Mussabini, engages him, and wins the gold medal in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

In Life and Work

Most of us run a race against time. Competing priorities vie for our attention. What will we do or not do? How can we possibly get everything done that’s important?

In life and work, what we really need is more hours, not yards.

Is it really possible to get more time? Yes! Although we all have exactly 168 hours per week, the real question is:how many hours are productive, and how productive?

Study: The average worker loses 28% of their workday. However, the right time management system will reclaim those losses. A good system isn’t something you force on yourself onto, but something natural and easy to follow, something that will stick. (Coach Mussabini optional.)

I’m not saying this hypothetically. Click to see live statistics.

What will you do with those extra 600 hours?