Your Templates List

The list of all Templates—tasks you can use over and over. (In Donedesk, this is the [Templates] workspace.)

Your Templates List

Copy Them First Remember to copy Templates before using them. Otherwise, you won’t have one the next time you need it. The [Templates] workspace will show only template tasks/projects, which are projects you will repeat over and over.

Projects List

In Donedesk, no projects list is available or needed for small projects. Instead, rely on Search to find all tasks for a project.For large or shared projects, check the Manage Workspaces list. Add to Weekly Review (Optional But Helpful) If you use project workspaces...

Orphan Protection for Projects

Orphan protection means that projects without next actions automatically come to your attention. Otherwise, when you mark a next action as complete, the entire project will stall (no live next action in your lists). The Donedesk TRO approach prevents orphans...