Your Templates List

Copy Them First Remember to copy Templates before using them. Otherwise, you won’t have one the next time you need it. The [Templates] workspace will show only template tasks/projects, which are projects you will repeat over and over.

Major Contexts

Major contexts let you balance your life by deciding how much time you will spend on tasks in each life area. These tags are used in your strategic calendar, and they are always assigned to tasks as you process. To count as a major life area (major context), a context...

Meeting Agendas

An automatic list of items to discuss in a group meeting. (Shared agendas are workspaces starting with “+”: +StaffMtg, +ManagersMtg. Private agenda items use tags instead, also starting with “+”.)


Contexts group similar tasks which can be completed together. This makes you more efficient and less stressed because you accomplish more and shift your attention less. See types of contexts and context views.

Action Context Lists

View all tasks for an action context like Calls, Errands, or Bills. (In Donedesk, use Tasks by Tag for unshared action contexts and the Project Workspace views for shared action contexts.)