Your Templates List

In Omnifocus, access the templates list by clicking (left pane), then TEMPLATE. Remember to copy Templates before using them. Otherwise, you won’t have one the next time you need it.

Removing Tasks from Unprocessed List

In Omnifocus, tasks automatically leave the unprocessed list as soon as they are processed. Your unprocessed list is the list of all actions without a context. Because you have to assign a soft date and a major context to every task, they will leave the list when...

About Notes

In Omnifocus, future next steps are entered in Notes: Click task. Click inspector sidebar (upper right). Enter texts in the Add a note field (inspector sidebar). Click anywhere outside the inspector sidebar.

Task Reminders

In Omnifocus, use the hard date (Schedule date) like a reminder for must-do tasks, because you will see those tasks in your daily review.