Project Templates

Note: If you see template tasks in your normal lists, your context views may need to be updated. Repeat the instructions in set up all custom views.

Flag Tasks as Templates

To mark a project/task as a template, set the Category to Templates, and it is removed from you lists until you need it. Too see your templates, look in your Templates list.

Your Templates List

Copy Them First Remember to copy Templates before using them. Otherwise, you won’t have onem the next time you need it. After you set up your Templates view, it will be a permanent part of your Current View list. To see Templates: Press Ctrl+4 to open Tasks....

Set Up the Templates List

You learned these steps when you set up the All Categories view, so this view can be set up quickly. Make sure that you are viewing your Outlook Tasks. Go to the Task view manager. Highlight All Categories. Copy and rename it “Templates”. Select This...

Task Reminders

Never for Scheduling! Never use task reminders to schedule tasks at specific times. If it needs to be done at a specific time, put it in your calendar with your other appointments. That’s what your calendar is for. In Outlook, task reminders alert you to move...