Removing Tasks from Unprocessed List

In MS Planner, tasks are moved between lists (columns/buckets) as they progress through their lifecycle (this shows you the current status or soft date of each task).

About Notes

In MS Planner, record notes in the Notes field. Click task. Click the Notes field. Type the details (use checklist to record all future next actions). Click anywhere outside the Notes field.

Task Reminders

Never for Scheduling! Never use task reminders to schedule tasks at specific times. If it needs to be done at a specific time, put it in your calendar with your other appointments. That’s what your calendar is for. In MS Planner, task alerts are optional...

Projects List

If your project management approach does NOT include orphan protection, you will need a projects list for your weekly reviews. A projects list may also help you see all tasks for a project. Otherwise, this list is not needed for TRO. Add to Weekly Review If projects...

Mark Tasks as Completed

Clean Up Your Lists If you mark tasks as completed instead of deleting them, periodically archive or delete old tasks to keep your lists trim. In MS Planner: If task needs to be verified (i.g., editing a document), move it to the Done – Verify column/bucket...