Printing Your Tasks

Nozbe now supports task printing. To do this: Go to the view you want to print (context view, Do Today, hotlist, etc.). Click (upper right). Click . Select your Printing Preferences. Click . >Click . Printing Tasks go to the view you want, click ! (upper right),...

Copying Tasks

To copy a task in Nozbe: Click task. Click (right pane, bottom) Click Clone This task should appear on top of the task list when Inbox is selected.

Your Templates List

In Nozbe, your Templates list is the Nozbe Project named “Templates.” Clicking on the project will show you a list of all your task templates. 

Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks which will take 30 minutes or more can simply be created as a recurring appointment in your calendar. Otherwise, you can make the task repeat in Nozbe: Create a task normally Click task if not yet selected. Click . Select date from the Choose...