Removing Tasks from Unprocessed List

In Nozbe, tasks automatically leave the unprocessed list as soon as they are processed. Your unprocessed list is the list of all actions without a context. Because you have to assign a soft date and a major context to every task, they will leave the list when...

About Notes

In Nozbe, add notes on a task by creating a new comment. Create a Text Comment: Click the task. Click Add comment field (right side). Click, then populate the Add comment field with your task notes. Click (SAVE). Text Comments click task, then click Add comment field...

Task Reminders

In Nozbe, use the hard date like a reminder for must-do tasks, because you will see those tasks in your daily review.

Creating Tasks from Email

You can turn emails into tasks by forwarding them to Nozbe. This also works for collecting brand new tasks. This means that anywhere you have email access, you can collect, triage, or process. Click here to set up email forwarding.

Creating Appointments from Tasks

To convert tasks into calendar appointments, do the following: Highlight the task title. Copy (right click, then select copy). Create a new appointment in your calendar. Paste (right click, then select paste) the task title into the appointment. After doing this, the...