Share Your Calendar

In Outlook, the ideal way to share your calendar is via Microsoft Exchange Server. You can also share it by email, by publishing it, or through an online service like Timebridge. Sharing your Outlook calendar via Google Calendar is not currently recommended due to...

Categorizing Appointments

Appointment Category? Trog connects appointments with categories to tasks of the same category. Only set appointment categories (contexts) for time slots where you want to see specific task lists (meeting agendas, for example). To categorize an appointment (color and...

Categorizing Appointments

To categorize an appointment (color and context go together): Double click on an appointment to open it. Click the multi-colored Categories button. Select a context/color from the list that matches the life area for this time block.

Opening Your Calendar

Click the small calendar icon on the top of Trog Bar to open your Outlook calendar. Set the calendar to show the whole week.