Delegation = Asking To delegate, just ask them if they will do it. Asking allows them to say “yes,” which increases buy-in. If they have concerns, it makes it safe to discuss them, so you get a good handoff instead of a fumble. Delegate an Assignment 1....

Waiting For (W/F)

How to track and follow up on delegated tasks in Astrid. (Use the WF list and process with smart dates for the follow-up day.)

Waiting For (W/F)

W/F = Follow Up W/F means “If I haven’t heard back, I’m going to follow up.” Set up the WF list in Astrid. Click the button. Type WF in the List name field. Click the button. Press F5 to refresh the screen. Following Up on Delegated Tasks If...

Searching for Tasks

Astrid always gives you the option to search for tasks. To do this: Click the Search box at the upper right portion of the screen. Type what you are searching for. Press Enter.

Printing Your Tasks

Astrid supports task printing. To do this: Use Astrid’s search function or use any of your TRO Views. Filter and Sort to arrange the tasks listed. Click the wrench icon (above the list and center of screen). Click Print. Set print options as you wish (left...